Club Cancellations

This area will be updated by 1 p.m. on a Tuesday and Thursday if a club is to be cancelled. No change means the club is going ahead.

St Francis of Assisi Challenge 40!

On Friday 1st May 2020, the school had been closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic for 40 days. We understood that community groups and local charities were under increasing financial pressure and needed additional support in the future. The staff thought it would be fun if we did our own 40/4.0 challenge to support local groups such as Thornaby Food Bank, St Francis of Assisi Church that we have links to. In addition, we will make a shared donation to the Butterwick Hospice, Daisy Chain and the Stockton Salvation Army.

The staff have set and completed their own challenges linked to 40 or 4.0 and some of our school families got involved too. We knew that families may also have been finding things difficult at this time so encouraged participation to promote positive well-being which did not involve donations. Examples included learning Italian and counting to 40, various sporting activities such as shooting 40 hoops, doing 4 laps of the garden on a space hopper, 40 minutes of an exercise class, 4km and 4 mile walks and bike rides. The children  joined in - a 4 mile bike ride (by one of our Nursery children), 4 front flips on the trampoline, 40 minute walks, 40 jumping jacks. We understood how families, staff and children were finding things difficult and wanted something where we could work together, increase our sense of community spirit and positive mental health and well-being for school staff and families. We raised over £1400 via JustGiving.

Here are some of the children's fabulous activities!