Our church

St Francis of Assisi Church of England Primary School is part of the Church of England. The school works in close harmony with St Francis of Assisi Anglican Church and York Diocese, and has developed excellent links within these areas.

Reverend Brenda Forrester comes into school to liaise with the children as well as encouraging us to visit the church. Children from different year groups attend the church as part of Christian celebrations and also in classes as part of the curriculum or our collective worship. In addition, we have had shared worship with families and the congregation at least once each term on a Sunday evening.

The address and location of the church is:

St Francis of Assisi Church Centre
Barwick Way
Ingleby Barwick
TS17 0WD

Vicar: Rev Brenda Forrester

Telephone: 07821 153701
E-mail: saintfrancischib@gmail.com

Please visit the church website at: