Our Team

Mrs M Watson

Deputy Head Teacher, SENDCo and Reception Leader

Hi, I’m Marie Watson and I am the Reception leader, Deputy Head Teacher and SENDCo. I have been a teacher at St Francis for 20 years now and can honestly say that teaching in the Early Years is the best job in the world.

It’s fabulous to see how young pupils can completely immerse themselves in an activity; their excitement about learning is infectious. In the hands of a four-year-old, a cardboard box so quickly becomes a pirate ship, a rocket or a handbag. You never know what to expect next or which way their play will take them. It’s a privilege to be a part of. I love modelling and supporting children with how to wonder, to question, to investigate. We create learners who are self-motivated and invested in what they do. They persevere because they want to. They test and alter objects and ideas because they want to. They make mistakes willingly and chat about what they noticed.

The very cornerstone of teaching in EYFS is joy. Our Reception classroom is filled with laughter and smiles and is a fabulous place to be.

Mrs H Carrington

Nursery Teaching Assistant

Hi, my name is Helen Carrington and I have worked with Early Years children for 28 years, mostly in Nursery.

I am passionate about Early Years as I love watching the children grow and mature as unique individuals. Helping to support children as they learn, develop, and prepare for full time school.

I love role play, reading/sharing books and telling stories. I also have an interest in supporting children’s speech and language skills. I love listening to and making children giggle as they learn.

Mrs S Robinson

Nursery Teacher and Leader

I’m Stephanie Robinson, the beginning of the week Nursery teacher. I trained specifically as an Early Years teacher over twenty-five years ago and I’ve worked in early year’s settings ever since. I’ve been lucky to be at St Francis, since it was built and I was at another Early Years setting before that too. Early Years is my passion, supporting young children to grow and blossom. I love engaging and communicating with young children, they say the funniest things and there is never a dull moment in nursery!

I thrive on making an impact, young children are amazing learners and it is a real privilege to be apart of this. In Early Years, I get to embrace my inner child, playing, having fun and getting messy! At the same time, I have the responsibility and opportunity, to help shape young children’s learning, by teaching them life skills, knowledge and vocabulary. I love talking, playing, singing and sharing stories with young children. I consider it a real honour to make a difference and see the progress young children constantly make in all areas of their learning.

Mrs C Shaw

Reception Teacher

I’m Claire Shaw, a teacher in Reception. I am passionate about the care and nurturing environment that the children in Reception encounter, in order to learn at St Francis.

A happy, caring and friendly environment is important for children to learn in and that is my aim. I ensure all children in my care thrive and are able to achieve their true potential. Differences are celebrated and all learning is inclusive for all abilities. Early Years is the Foundation of life-long learning for progressing through school and in life. I want children to achieve their full potential and succeed; there is nothing greater than witnessing this in their Early Years.

Miss E Jones

Reception Teacher

Hi, I’m Miss Jones and I am a teacher at St Francis. In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family, friends, and especially my dog Bella. I love all arts and crafts which we’re always found doing in reception!
I love working in reception as it’s such an exciting part of a child’s school journey, giving children the best start to their education and the opportunity to grow into amazing young people. At St Francis we have a happy, safe learning environment, to ensure that children enjoy school and feel excited to learn

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Mrs J Montgomery

Reception Teacher

My name is Mrs Montgomery and I teach in Reception every Monday and Tuesday – sharing the class with Mrs Shaw.

Mrs J Rowntree

Reception Teaching Assistant

I’m Jacqui Rowntree a teaching assistant. I have worked in both Nursery and Reception. I love working in the EYFS because amazing things happen every day. Supporting children to grow and develop confidence and independence, is so rewarding. Being able to see the joy, pride and sense of achievement on a child’s face when they learn something new, create something amazing or achieve their goals, is why we are so passionate about what we do.

Mrs L Field

Nursery Teacher

I’m Louise Field the end of the week Nursery teacher. I’ve spent the majority of my teaching career working in early years. I love to watch the children progress and I’m fascinated with how they grow and develop so much in a short space of time. Learning in the early years is so practical and play based. I like to support the children so that their play allows them to develop their learning. Most of all I love how much fun we all have together. Not a day goes by without lots of laughs and countless smiles.

Mrs K Crimmons

SEND Teaching Assistant

Hi, I am a SEND Teaching Assistant and work across various year groups. I especially enjoy working in the Early Years as I get the opportunity to help create new and fun memories for the children just starting out in their school journey. I enjoy teaching the children new things and learning things about myself along the way. Supporting pupils who find things that little bit hard, and those who find exploring the world at school a bit overwhelming. I am here to help them learn how to make their own path with a little extra support along the way.

Mrs L Norman

Nursery Teaching Assistant

Hi, I’m Lisa Norman. I have two grown up boys that attended St Francis. I’ve worked in Early Years for 9 years now, and find this job so rewarding in helping nurture children from aged 3 until they move up into Reception. It’s so lovely seeing them from being so young, progressing into little people and knowing that I’ve had an input into them starting their school journey. It is such a privilege.