Parental Engagement

Parental Engagement

Parents are the first and most important influence on their child’s development and future outcomes. Children have two main educators in their lives – their parents and their teachers. Therefore, the school and the parents all have crucial roles to play. The impact on a child’s education is greater if parents and schools work in partnership.We use an online learning journal, ‘Evidence Me’ to record, track and celebrate progress made by each child. ‘Evidence Me’ enhances this special time in a child’s life and captures children’s experiences as well as monitors development and learning.

Text, images and videos can be uploaded by parents to share learning and experiences from home via PC, tablet or our mobile app – anywhere there’s an online connection. Every entry helps to

create a complete story of a child’s time at school.

Throughout the year families are invited to ‘Stay and Play’ sessions in the Nursery and Workshops in

Reception to support children’s learning and parents understanding of how we support children in our Early Years.

Phonic Meeting Feedback

Phonics and Early Reading (powerpoint)
Maths Workshop (powerpoint)

Videos to support parents

Understanding of mathematical concepts

Subitising An Introduction to Teaching ‘Subitising’: The Maths superpower you never knew you had! – YouTube

Subitising when out and about – Springtime Subitising! 1 – YouTube

Pronouncing phonic sounds phase 2 -phase 5 Phonics: How to pronounce pure sounds | Oxford Owl – YouTube

Supporting your child to read