St Francis of Assisi Church of England Primary School is a Church of England Primary school in the Diocese of York and is maintained by The Dales Multi Academies Trust.

The school provides a distinctively Christian education for children aged 3+ to 11+ years, with priority being given to children who live and worship within the ecclesiastical parish of St Francis of Assisi Church of England. A map showing the boundaries of the parish can be viewed online at

Historically, Anglican schools were parish schools providing education for the community in accordance with the principles of the Church of England. Thus, the majority of York Diocesan schools were established to provide education for the children of the parish within a Christian context. This two-fold aim of being “distinctively Christian” and “serving the local community” is reflected in the school’s admission criteria.

St Francis is a school for which the Trust Board is the Admission Authority and responsible for admissions.  It is guided in that responsibility by the requirements of law, the school trust deed, advice from the Diocesan Board of Education and its duty to the community and the Common Good.

Please see our admissions policies below for further information.

Admissions Policy 2019-2020

Admissions Policy 2020-2021

Admissions Policy 2021-2022

St Francis C of E Primary School is currently open for pupils in Nursery, Reception and Y1 and pupils where parents are critical workers. If you require emergency childcare, please email                    Take care and stay safe.