Pupil Premium


Pupil Premium Strategy 2020-2021

Amount of Pupil Premium funding for academic year 2020-2021. This has been updated in line with changes so far during this academic year.

Number of pupils Amount
14 children eligible for disadvantaged funding £1345 x 14
6 children eligible for service funding £310 x 6
9 children eligible for LAC or post LAC funding £2345 x 9
Total amount of funding received £41795

The school is also in receipt of a very small amount of Early Years Pupil Premium funding which supports pupils in Nursery.

Identified barriers to future attainment

St Francis of Assisi Primary School has identified the following as barriers for some of the pupils currently in receipt of Pupil Premium:


  1. Social and emotional welfare – the emotional wellbeing of our children (including developmental vulnerabilities through attachment difficulties) or their ability to socialise appropriately, potentially affecting their ability to learn and make progress, supporting those children who have parents on tour/away from home.
  2. Rates of progress – the number of children making accelerated progress, reaching GLD at EYFS, achieving national benchmarks at KS1 and 2.
  3. Gross and fine motor control – skills that are not secure, impacting on writing progress.
  4. Sensory difficulties – supporting pupils to be able to self-regulate, and use strategies to cope in less structured situations.


  1. Access to extra-curricular activities – educational experiences such as trips, extra-curricular clubs, to help develop life skills, aspirations and participation in physical activities. This supports with ‘poverty proofing’. Some pupils also use these to support area 1 of Academic Barriers.
  2. Punctuality and attendance – external factors impacting on this.

Due to low numbers of pupils in receipt of Pupil Premium Funding, specific data has been provided in a limited format to ensure anonymity for pupils across school. We wish to ensure that equality for all is prevalent at St Francis of Assisi Church of England Primary School.

Key expenditure – how the allocation will be spent for the period Sept 20-Sept 21. Additions will be made following each period of review.

Area of spend Focus Total allocation
Educational experiences – trips, residential visits including RobinWood, music and sporting clubs Additional Barrier 1 £600
Continued employment of Pupil Premium Champion TA two half days each week and Pupil Premium Leader one half day each week All Barriers £7500
Additional TA and teacher support in all classes and in small groups/individual basis, targeted PP focus in Y3 and Y4, support in liaison with pupils in Upper KS2 in addition to HNF, interventions, training and development Academic Barriers 1-4 £15000
Release of SENDCO, Maths and English leads Academic Barriers 2, 3 £1530
Resources to support and improve learning and teaching Academic Barriers 1-4 £2000
Additional training for staff including lunchtime supervisors Academic Barriers 1, 2, 4 £2000
External agency support (STRIVE) which is part of Future Steps to lead weekly sessions for pupils linked to attachment, sensory and gross/fine motor needs. Handwriting interventions created for pupils in EYFS and Y1. Academic Barriers 1, 3, 4 £5000
Time for SENDCO responsible for target setting and support for staff 1 day each term and to review Pupil Premium Funding with Head Teacher, Pupil Premium Governor and Pupil Premium Champion.

Education Welfare Ltd employed by the school to support attendance and punctuality.

All Barriers


Additional Barrier 2




Additional lunchtime supervisor and TA time to support individuals with emotional wellbeing. Academic Barrier 1 £5000
Total: £46690
Additional funds taken from school budget.


Please click here for a detailed copy of the intended outcomes, actions, rationale, implementation, RAG rating of progress and review comments/impact. This will be updated following each review throughout the year. Evidence for the rationale is taken from the Education Endowment Fund research, school data and other sources. Each academic barrier is broken down into Teaching, Targeted Academic Support and Wider Strategies.

How will the school measure the impact of the Pupil Premium?

To monitor progress on attainment, measures are included in performance tables that will capture the achievement of pupils covered by the Pupil Premium. All staff at St Francis of Assisi Primary School have made a commitment to focus on the progress and achievements of pupils in receipt of Pupil Premium funding. By employing a Pupil Premium Champion who has continued to develop her knowledge and understanding of the progress measures through discussions with the Headteacher, she is also able to support staff. The school regularly collects data, and the monitoring and tracking of the cohort’s attainment, will be used to inform pupil progress and enable the early identification of need, support and appropriate intervention. Pupil Progress meetings will be held on a termly basis, but there will also be regular discussions between teachers and the Pupil Premium Champion, SENDCO and during staff meeting time. Parents’/carers’ views will also be taken on a regular basis.   

All pupils will be given the support the need to make progress and have barriers removed, not just those eligible for the PP funding.  On a termly basis, the school will review the impact of actions taken and will plan for how the funding will be specifically allocated over the next phase.

Pupil Premium Funding and the impact of this will be part of Governing Body meeting agendas and discussions.

Nominated governor: Mehnaz Rashid

Date of Pupil Premium Strategy Reviews:

September 2020                                  November 2020

January 2021                                        April 2021

July 2021

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