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Key Stage 2 SATs Results – 2022                                            

Percentage of Pupils Achieving the Expected Standard or Above:

SchoolLocal Authority National
Reading88% 74%
Writing73% 69%
Maths86%  71%
Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation90% 72%
Combined Reading, Writing and Maths69%59%

Percentage of Pupils Achieving the Higher Standard:

SchoolLocal Authority National
Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation25% 
Combined Reading, Writing and Maths8%

KS1-KS2 Progress Scores

Reading                  0.8

Writing                   -2.1

Maths                     0.7

Average Scaled Scores at KS2

Reading                                                     107 (National Average is 105)

Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling         107 (National Average is 105)

Maths                                                   106 (National Average is 104)

Pupil Premium – 7% of pupils (4 children) were in receipt of Pupil Premium funding in Year 6 2021-2022.

Pupils in receipt of Pupil Premium FundingReaching expected standard or aboveHigher Standard National
Reading100% 25%
Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation100% 
Combined Reading, Writing and Maths75%