Headteacher: Mrs L Probets (Designated Safeguarding Lead/Child Protection, Assessment Leader)
Deputy Headteacher: Mrs M Watson (SENCo/Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead/Pupil Premium Lead)

Nursery (EY1): Mrs S Robinson (EY1 Team Leader) and Mrs L Field
Reception (EY2): Mrs M Watson (EY2 Team Leader and SENCo)/Mrs Shaw
Reception (EY2): Miss C Gibson
Year 1: Miss D Hughes
Year 1: Miss C Moffat
Year 2: Miss C Dale (KS1 Team Leader)
Year 2: Mr L Taylor
Year 3: Mrs S Watt
Year 3: Miss R Brazier/Mrs J Montgomery
Year 4: Miss L Muirhead
Year 4: Miss C Lacy
Year 5: Mrs J Lauder
Year 5: Miss H Johnson
Year 6: Mrs M Davies
Year 6: Mrs Simpson
PPA: Mrs Williams, Mrs Mullis, Mrs Lightfoot

Teaching Assistants:

Mrs H Carrington and Mrs J Rowntree – EY (Nursery and Reception)
Mrs C Evans – EY (Reception) (Pupil Premium and Mental Health Champion)
Mrs S Pugh – EY (Reception)
Mrs A Camsell – Year 1
Mrs A Casey – Year 2
Mrs S Mitra – Year 3
Mrs J Pickering – Year 4
Mrs J Unwin – Year 4 (Domestic Violence Representative)
Mrs M Murali – Years 3 & 4
Mrs J Spurgeon – Year 4
Mrs R Naylor – Year 5
Mrs E Blakemore – Year 5
Miss R Rogers – Year 5
Mrs K Crimmons – Year 6

Administrator Staff

Senior Administrator: Mrs G Douglas
Administrator and Parent Support Advisor : Miss J Pickering (Monday, Thursday and Friday)

Supervisory Assistants:

Mrs Naeem
Mrs Ragusa
Mrs Cuthbertson
Mrs Harris
Mrs Norman
Mrs Hewitt
Miss Crook
Mrs Clark
Mrs Russell
Mrs Johnson

Cook: Mrs R Millington
Kitchen Assistant: Mrs N Shute
Kitchen Assistant: Mrs C Ritchie
Kitchen Assistant: Mrs S Sorby
Kitchen Assistant: Mrs Raw

Caretaker: Mr S Stott
Cleaner: Mrs A Ragusa
Cleaner: Mrs A McIver
Cleaner: Mrs J Crook
Cleaner: Mrs L Heald
Cleaner: Mrs C Harding
Cleaner: Mrs K Harris

St Francis C of E Primary School is currently open for pupils in Nursery, Reception and Y1 and pupils where parents are critical workers. If you require emergency childcare, please email                    Take care and stay safe.