At St Francis of Assisi Church of England Primary School, we believe that all pupils benefit from regular school attendance and that this cannot be overestimated. Regular attendance is vital to a good education. Securing it is a high priority of the school, governors, parents and pupils themselves. By failing to attend school regularly, pupils lessen the impact of the education provided for them. Pupils’ absence may seriously disrupt the continuity of teaching and learning for themselves and others. Any problems hindering full attendance need to be identified and acted upon as quickly as possible. The aim of the school is to facilitate pupils’ regular and sustained attendance at school, thus enabling them to achieve their full academic potential and to be fully prepared for the rest of their journey throughout their school life.

All pupils of statutory school age who are registered at a school must attend regularly, in line with the relevant legislation (Education (Pupil Registration) (England) Regulations 2013).

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Any absence from school can have a detrimental effect on a child’s future progress and continuity of learning. Regular absence for such reasons as holidays taken in term time can have a significant impact on achievement.

It is important to note that it is the legal duty of those with parental responsibility to ensure their child’s regular attendance at school. By law, parents/carers are required to ensure that their children of compulsory school age, are in receipt of an educations as a registered pupil at a school. Children who are registered at a school are expected to attend regularly and absence should only occur when a child is unfit to learn or the child is authorised to be absent by the Head Teacher.

We ask that parents/carers work in partnership with the school in order to maintain high standards of attendance throughout their school journey. The school employs Education Welfare Ltd to support us with the monitoring of attendance and working with families.

Here is a copy of our Attendance Policy (updated in September 2022).